Friday, April 25, 2014

It's madness


Relationships. They're a hoot, aren't they?

Friendships, family, significant others.. they all provide their fair share of joy and angst. Sometimes the hard things that relationships bring tempt us to wish for one that was clearer, more consistent, less dramatic, or just plain easier. But the truth is that even at their most difficult, each unique relationship we get to be part of is a critical piece of us. At their best, relationships are profound sources of joy and comfort. They bring out the best of us and encourage our growth. At their worst, they tear us to bits, expose our weaknesses, cause hurt like no other.. But I believe C.S. Lewis said it best..

"Experience: That most brutal of teachers. By you learn, my God do you learn."

Humans in relationship with other humans: of course it would be like fireworks! They will clash and they will burn together, making light and exploding into gorgeous bursts of real love. But then sometimes that light burns out and there is smoke and there is fog and it's a haze and you're left wounded on the ground. What else would you expect when you put cosmic beings together with hearts and minds and bodies and spirits each ablaze in their own way? 

I do wish we got an instruction manual, but nevertheless learning to navigate our connection with others is significant work (and it is work, indeed). 

It is worth it. 

We may never understand the reason for those smoky, hazy times, but still, it is worth it. And when juxtaposed with the glowing rapturous times, it seems a kind of madness...

What a beautiful and important madness. 

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