Wednesday, September 7, 2011


All of life functions within various economies, as defined as "the management of resources, especially with a view to its productivity." Our bodies operate on an economy of air, nutrients, water etc. Business functions within an economy of money. There is another pivotal system of resources though that I think we ought to acknowledge- the economy that regulates what we do with ourselves day in and day out, managing the currency of time. In this economy, every little thing we do has a price, and how we spend our wealth both reflects and determines who we are.

The unique thing about this particular economy is that everyone is allotted the exact same amount of time at the start of each new day (save for the day we die or become otherwise incapacitated). Just by nature of being alive and functioning, we all begin the day equal in wealth, regardless of geography or history, and it pays no mind to the differences imposed by other resources.

...this is an incomplete thought, I just find it curious to consider that in this economy of time, we all begin the day with the same currency to make, save, and spend, and that our decisions with this resource represent who we are perhaps more than with any other system of life or society...


I sometimes imagine the experience of living as geographical terrain; changing emotions are mountains and canyons. Some days, the dreary ones, it feels like some invisible ceiling is creeping down, leveling all the peaks and valleys into one pancake-like existence. The thought of this flattening scares me shitless and rattles my insides...

because as exhausting as it is to climb those mountains and sink into those canyons, without them, life would just be a lonely trudge through a dull open plain.