Monday, March 9, 2009

To be honest- sometimes I wish that art and poems and literature would stop. Hold on, even back up.. and just let me freaking catch up.


But then I realize, ohhhh right.. that’s the absolute perfection of it all- it will never end and I will never have seen it all.

another response to a response

So perhaps it would have been good to preface the previous entry with some parameters, something like the following:

As alex mentions, it’s certainly true that not all circumstances allow for interpretation. Many situations are objectively unfortunate in a way no one could contest. No matter the perspective, regardless of attitude, opinion, or background, some things are just factually difficult. So what should have been prefaced was that this whole thing about choosing the tone (or ‘song’) to which you move through your life is necessarily directed at, and in fact limited to, those that have ‘options,’ those who are fortunate not to find themselves in circumstances for which positivity is irrelevant.

By no means are we able to change the actual reality which we’ve been dealt. But to elaborate on the childish proverb “when life hands you lemons….” I do believe it matters significantly the stance we choose to take in moving forward with our lives.

Life happens- we can’t change that.
Life’s significant events stick with us- we can't avoid that.
We have to move forward (if nothing else)- Here we have a choice. [enter perspective]

Alex I’ll expand using your 'singing together' analogy; I think my previous entry was meant to complement this concept rather than overlook it. I agree that it can be too easy for us to base our perspectives on narrow worldviews, failing to acknowledge the songs of others. By living with intentional perspective when possible [i.e. situations that foster interpretation] we deliberately choose to open ourselves to the reality that there is a world bigger than ourselves, than the narrow playing field we actually see from day to day.

The previous was written upon recognizing a struggle within myself, and feeling that I could gain something more if I simply shifted my outlook- ditch the ‘woe is me’ frame of mind and move forward- new lesson learned, and a world to keep facing that’s full of much more than my own strife. This is not to minimize the healthy process of facing the shit life throws our way, but rather addresses the moment that follows- the crossroads of moving on. It seems the self-focused nature of personal struggle often causes failure to attend to the rest of the world. In other words, you aint singin with nobody else if you’re locked in your room cryin about your life. You cannot recognize the songs of others, let alone sing with them, if you haven’t taken initiative to move forward with your own life. Stagnancy with oneself inhibits connection with others.

So I’d never claim that struggles are comparable, because they’re all relative, always. It’s just a human fact that we are incapable of knowing anything beyond what we’ve faced thus far. But at least being open to that surprise ‘interlude,’ or ‘someone else’s song’ we can ensure that when another comes along, we will be ready to harmonize. It’s like walking with one headphone in as we walk down the street- playing the song we choose to walk to. But always leaving one headphone out, an ear left open to the other songs passing by…

Sunday, March 1, 2009

There will always be great things and terrible things and fun things and not-so-fun things and hard things and new things and surprises and plans and changes in life. Of course, it matters a great deal how we responsd to our world.. but it's critical to recognize how we perceive and process the events of our lives before we respond. Perspective changes everything, I mean every. thing. I see perspective as the music you choose to play in the background of your life.. it may change to reflect different seasons or circumstances, but ultimately.. what theme songs have you adopted? Do they promote openness, or prejudice? Do they compel you to grow, or dwell in the past?

...what perspectives have you been operating with, and is it perhaps time to change the station and find a different tune?