Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Simplicity's Line

Simplifying is a good thing. If it's possible, it's usually good. Why do with more when you could do with less? The less clutter the more you can see, and this applies to numerous settings.  But I wonder- where is the line with simplification?  Chosen minimalism often implies a gratitude and respect for resources, and for that it is admirable. But sometimes, the frivolous extras are the spice of life! Sometimes, the superfluities are what show our unique personality and style that exceeds mere practicality or functionality.

In the cleansing process of simplification- whether it be in our homes, our clothes, our minds or our obligations- At what point are we ridding ourselves of the details that actually color our world? When does simplification move from being a healthy reduction of clutter, to the stripping of expression?