Thursday, April 24, 2014

Friends or foes

I believe one of the great challenges of life is achieving balance between ration and emotion. Honoring them both and interpreting their importance in a given situation is, perhaps, a feat no human will ever fully perfect. At times we choose ration because emotions are just too complicated to deal with. Or perhaps we choose emotion because we're in denial of what is rational. Different situations call for different aspects of discernment, so I suppose the best we can ever do is to practice in every circumstance listening and observing closely in order to authentically respond to the truth, not just to what is easiest.

Ration and emotion often seem at odds, but their coexistence (if peaceful) can be a healthy support for our decisions and behaviors.. to protect us from overly-brainy and robotic, or overly-emotional and irrational lives. These two foes, if made to be friends, compliment one another to create an important balance in life, but cultivating their harmony is part of the hard job of being human. Of course some of us are wired to be more rational beings, or more emotionally driven, or completely devoid of emotion (for all you sociopaths out there), but I do believe that no matter how you were built, it could do some good to consider both influences.. even (and perhaps especially) the one you find less comfortable.

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