Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Try very hard not to forget how tremendous a gift it is that your body can move. that you may interact freely with the physical world. that your hands are at will to reach, and to hold, and to feel.

Try so hard not to forget that it is a privilege to move and to play and to sense with our bodies. It's dangerously easy to get caught up in the feeling that we have to exercise, we have to work.. How different things could be if we thought instead- I can exercise. I can work...

These are reminders I need daily.. On most days, I wage a quiet war against my body, internally bathing in dissatisfaction, criticism, comparison, and disappointment. I forget that this body that I occupy is the only thing granting me access to the world around me and without it, I cannot perceive, experience, or participate in life. So although it may not look or function as I'd prefer sometimes, at the very least I ought to appreciate what it can do, rather than fretting about what it can't.

Our relationships with our bodies have a profound impact on the way we engage the environments, people, and opportunities around us. I think J. Sarano said it most simply and beautifully:

It is in and through our bodies [that] we ultimately witness 
to that which we are and that which we want in our most profound verity. 
It is in and through my body that I bear witness. 
It is in and through the body that one sees the man.

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So thoughtful and well written.